What we can offer you!

Ottawa Mold Inspections Ottawa Mold Inspections

Ottawa leading Mold Inspections and Air Quality Testings for Homes and Businesses

Commerical Air Quality Commerical Air Quality

Certified ESA Inspector for Phase 1 and Industrial Hygenist to have your New Home Inspected by one of our professionals

Home Allergon Testing Home Allergon Testing

Testing homes for Allergons and pollens which triggers Asthma or Allergies to have your New Home Inspected by one of our professionals

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Odor Investigations Odor Investigations

Delivering professional Odor Investigations with world highest technologies

Before Demolitions Before Demolitions

Conducting Designated Substance Survey for Hazardous materials

Asbestos Testing Asbestos Testing

Sampling and testing for Asbestos in Materials and Air


Ottawa Mold Inspectors is a Certified “InterNachi” Home Inspector, Mold Inspector, BBB Member, Mold & Radon Certified,  Indoor Air Quality Consultant, Mold testing from $265 with Free Thermal Imaging.

Ottawa Mold Inspectors is a Ottawa leading Mold expert’ inspecting residential and commercial buildings in the Ottawa and greater Eastern regions. Ottawa Home Inspectors from Algonquin college and InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) Certified Energy advisor from Natural Resources Canada, Mold Inspector from ( IAC2) International Association of Certified Indoor Air Quality Consultant, Infrared Camera certified and Radon tester offers ,, INDOOR AIR QUALITY MOLD, RADON, ASBESTOS, LEAD, ODOR Infiltration/ Investigation, INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE, VOC/ALLERGEN testing in great Ottawa.At Home Insight Inspection we do not work from realtor-referrals or other sources which could produce or even suggest interests at conflict with those of my client, nor do we perform actual repair work on properties for which consulting has been provided.

Ottawa Mold Inspector understands how important it is for our customers to have a Quality Home Inspection/Indoor Air Quality Testings and we are dedicated to our passion providing reliable service and Quality Real Estate Home Inspections to our customers at an affordable price.


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